This is the web site of the former CARTAPLUS project (2013-2016). It will not be updated anymore.


The CARTAPLUS (Combinatorics of Maps and Interactions) project, funded by the ANR and gathering 6 young researchers from the Paris area, lies at the intersection between enumerative combinatorics, algebraic combinatorics and probability theory. It focuses mainly on Combinatorial Maps, which are structures that model discrete surfaces via graph embeddings, and as such appear in various scientific contexts (statistical physics, algebraic combinatorics, probability theory).

The main scientific objectives of the project are the further extension of the bijective method for maps and of the combinatorial tools that come with it (orientations, recursive strategies, invariants), the study of large random maps (continuum limits, local limits), and the exploration/development of the interactions that the bijective/enumerative approach has with algebraic combinatorics and theoretical physics.


The Cartaplus project is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, contract number ANR 12-JS02-001-01.